“Mathematics is the large gold mine of science”

To be developed in Mathematical thinking.
Can be solved complex computing problems easily by using calculating Mathematics.
To be taken responsibilities in human society.
To be emerged innovative and skillful programmers.

To give birth the best IT technicians who can give advantages to our country and who can face the problems and challenges of 21st century by using with their advance learnt.



The Faculty of Natural Science at UCS(Hpa-An) seeks to attain the mission of the University.


To teach the basic concepts and technologies concerning Physics for producing IT engineers, who can effectively contribute to the building of a modern developed nations.

This department provides explanations for a wide range of Physical phenomena, including forces and motions, work, energy, power, momentum, electricity, magnetism and radio physics.
Department of Physics began at UCS(Hpa-An) in 2003. Department of Physics was changed to Faculty of Natural Science in 2017.


Our Department aspires to be a leading quality information technology supports and maintenance education.
To experts the practical ability, install, experiment with and apply Computer Hardware Technology
To promote and assist the use of new technology
To create and maintain a computing environment for academic excellence and quality management


To train our computer students to become entrepreneurs enabling them to create employment opportunities for themselves as well as for others.
To prepare the students ethically as well as technically so that they remain a preferred choice of the prospective employer.
To provide the knowledge of current issues & cutting edges technologies to meet the demands of IT and Business world
To provide the knowledge of implementing IT concepts while designing technological applications and innovative ideas
To share the knowledge of how information systems fit into business operations and how they are related



To crate the most conductive environment for quality academic and research oriented undergraduate and post graduate education.
Train the student to be information and management experts who will design, develop, maintain and manage the information system towards serving the society by supporting managerial decision making at all levels.
Educate students with IT skills to develop information systems inf industries and with management skill to manage the system.
Increasing awareness about social responsibility projects
Educate students who will add value to industry.
Develop and implement the most contemporary education and research program by closely monitoring innovations in our field.
Produce state-of-the-art research project that can be applied regionally, nationally and globally.
Carry out research projects in co-operations and to apply them in teaching programs.